Crapemyrtle bark scale Online Webinar

Crapemyrtle bark scale Online Webinar

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Tune in today, Friday March 27th, at 11 am CST, for an online webinar hosted by North Carolina State University (Stacey Jones) on crapemyrtle bark scale (CMBS); the invasive insect pest of crapemyrtles. The presenter will be Erfan Vafaie, covering the introduction, spread, population dynamics, and management of crapemyrtle bark scale for landscapers, nursery growers, and homeowners. Presentation co-authors include Dr. Mengmeng Gu, Dr. Mike Merchant, Dr. John Hopkins, Dr. James A. Robbins, Dr. Yan Chen, Dr. Kevin Heinz, Kyle Gilder, and Kenneth Masloski.

The PowerPoint presentation and PDF is already available on our website for download:

The presentation will be recorded and made available for viewing; visit this page in the near future to get an update on where to view the video on-demand.

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