$3.3 million grant to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Dr. Mengmeng Gu and collaborators have recently been awarded a 4-year $3.3 M grant from the USDA to tackle the crapemyrtle bark scale. The research involved collaborators all across the USA. The project will determine the population cycles of crapemyrtle bark scale, best management practices, biological control options, and even insecticide residue testing. See AgriLife Today press release for more information: http://isatexas.com/crape-myrtle-bark-scale-to-be-targeted-by-3-3-million-grant-to-texas-am-agrilife-extension/

Crapemyrtle Bark Scale Resource Website is up!

Welcome to the crapemyrtle bark scale resource website. Here we will house information on research being conducted within the USA on the biology, population cycles, plant hosts, and management strategies as we learn about it. Subscribe to our RSS feed to get updates as they come along.